Agri-hoods: growing community through food

Everybody eats. Yet too little connects us with the food and farming that sustain us all.  Food is one of the most powerful ways people yearn for deeper, more vital connections. To feed that appetite, agri-hoods focus on community-cultivating, food-oriented development. 


This session will introduce agri-hoods (“agricultural neighborhoods”) a novel form of living in community. Session participants will explore policy, healthy design, and social well-being dimensions of this “delicious green infrastructure” strategy.  Example communities from around the US will be presented to illustrate the variety of agri-hoods and how they create value while nourishing connections.


Learning Objectives

At the end of the session, attendees will be able to actively:

  • Explain the essential elements of agri-hoods.

  • Describe how design professionals, developers, and others can include food growing in projects.

  • Identify the ways that innovative edible landscape strategies provide green infrastructure.

  • Explain how food “nourishes” social connections and neighborhoods.


Kathryn Gardow

Kathryn Gardow is widely known as a passionate and effective advocate for local farming and strengthening our regional food system, serving in diverse capacities as a strategic partner among government, business and philanthropy. Under her leadership as Executive Direct or, Kathryn trebled the scope and impact of PCC Farmland Trust, the Pacific Northwest’s preeminent organization dedicated to preserving and keeping organic farmland productive in perpetuity. Kathryn’s expertise as a civil engineer, land use planner, and regulatory expert includes notable development of large-scale master-planned communities.



Stephen Antupit

In making more resilient food systems, Stephen Antupit curates partnerships, launches projects and interventions that nurture connections with “delicious green infrastructure.” He brings two decades’ expertise as an innovative master developer, visionary green urbanist, and trusted strategic adviser in crafting walkable, equitable communities. Stephen’s portfolio includes successes in politically sensitive stakeholder engagement, securing entitlements, negotiating multi-million dollar transactions, and branding and marketing strategies.

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