The Smart Enclosure System and Heron Hall’s Assemblies

This session will present comprehensive building enclosures with low carbon impact that provide durable airtightness, healthy indoor air, and best practices to minimize risk of rot/mold failures. We will discuss the science behind these systems and how they borrow best practices from Passive House, Living Future, and other leading standards.


The Heron Hall project is a demonstration of how we can construct durable, comfortable, healthy

assemblies providing the structure for net zero and net positive buildings.Heron Hall is a private residence on Bainbridge Island participating in the Living Building Challenge program. The building’s enclosure incorporates sustainable, high performance thermal, vapor, and air barrier assemblies that approach Passive House

standards without the use of spray foam. The materials used are Red List ingredientfree,have DECLARE transparency labels, and have been used in innovative ways.


Learning Objectives:

At the end of the session, attendees will be able to actively:

  • Explain the science of healthy durable high performance enclosures and how to prevent rot and mold, likely the most common failure in reasonably

    airtight and well insulated buildings.

  • Explain the benefits of transparent certifications (DECLARE) over typical material safety data sheets (MSDS, SDS) for providing full ingredient content.

  • Describe how to use sustainable thermal and air sealing materials in high performance building enclosures.

  • Compare the performance of a Structural Insulated Panel (SIP) assembly to blown insulation assemblies while explaining the difference between glass wool, rock wool, and sheep wool.


Lucas Johnson

Lucas Johnson has worked as a scientist, builder, utility program manager, and clean tech venture capital consultant to deliver healthy and durable high performance buildings ranging from deep energy retrofits of large commercial buildings to Net Zero Passive Houses with natural materials. The uniting theme of his career is turning BS into building science. His position as the Western Regional Manager at 475 High Performance Building Supply is his dream job since he gets to share his experience free of charge by collaborating with awesome architects, engineers, and builders to make their projects cost-effective, durable, healthy, deep green, and enjoyable.



Rick Blumenthal

Rick entered the construction industry as a carpenter in 1971 while he was earning his degrees in Environmental Conservation and Environmental planning.  In 1980 he started a residential and light commercial construction company until 2010 constructing high performance homes, remodels and energy saving retrofits.  He has been certified for Energy Star Verifier, HERS, Building Analyst, Built Green, Energy Performance Score and PTCS.   Rick owns and operates Construction Resources an d Solutions, a consulting firm focused on building diagnostics, performance and sustainable construction.

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