Timber, Technology and Innovation: Making the Pacific NW a leader in building with wood

The Pacific Northwest is home to the most productive forests in North America, booming technology and housing industries, and the fastest growing cities in the country. How can we integrate technology and timber to make our region a global leader in smart building with wood?


This session will introduce the latest methods of digital fabrication of wood for building construction.  Examples of digitally fabricated structures will be presented, including the first commercial building in the U.S. constructed from domestically produced CLT in Portland, OR.  A glimpse will be provided into hackathons that cross pollinate the ethos of the computer technology industry with the prefabricated wood industry.  Even your teenagers will be blown away by what is happening.



Learning Objectives:

At the end of the session, attendees will be able to actively:

• Describe the current methods of digital fabrication of wood construction.
• List the leading immersive technologies, including virtual and augmented reality.
• Identify the ways that hackathons bring new technologies and open collaboration to the construction industry.
• Explain how global collaboration can accelerate innovation in the construction industry



Greg Howes

Greg is a builder, geek and real estate broker with 20 years of international experience as the owner of a residential construction company and 10 years of experience as a technology entrepreneur. His mission is to openly hack and digitize the $10 trillion global construction industry and to help make the Pacific Northwest a global leader in timber technologies and in smart, green building with wood.


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