Tricks of the Trades: What makes or breaks mini-split ductless heat pump design and installations

Ductless and ducted mini split technologies are becoming increasingly popular in our region, but common mistakes and assumptions can drastically limit their performance leading to comfort issues, increased energy consumption, and premature equipment failure.


Come learn how data and observations from regional pilot studies have identified key items to take into account when designing, selecting, and installing equipment to set yourself up for success.



Learning Objectives:

At the end of the session, attendees will be able to actively:

  • Identify design strategies and the impacts of home geometry, building shell efficiency, distribution fans, and electric resistance backup heaters on overall system performance and design.

  • Describe the keys to equipment selection and sizing and how the minimum capacity is nearly as important as the maximum capacity.

  • Explain how mini splits perform in our climate based on data from regional studies and pilots.

  • List the design recommendations that differ between retrofit/remodel scenarios and new construction.



Dan Wildenhaus, Better Built NW

As the Building Science Manager for CLEAResult, Dan has completely immersed in the discussion of what is required to create High Performance Buildings. Dan has over 22 years of experience working directly for both a contractor and a rating company; performingenergy audits and ratings, weatherization repairs, and consulting and analysis for private clients. After 15 years working directly in the field, Dan transitioned to the consulting side of the business, working for CLEAResult. Dan currently provides staff management, Building Science consultation, code evaluation, stimulating market channels, and training services for a variety programs across the country


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